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Endoscopic Ligating Loop

Laparoscopic cholecystectomy has been popular in surgeon and patients because of its advantages including minimal trauma, fast recovery, and more. It is now carried out extensively at a number of big hospitals all over the world. However, at least four to six titanium clips or biological clips are needed to be used in order to block cystic duct and cystic artery. As metal foreign matter, long-term existence of titanium clips may irritate and chronically stimulate adjacent liver cells. Once titanium clips drops, moves or goes to choledoch, cholangitis is induced and gallstone is formed. Also, adhesion induced by the stimulation of titanium clips to local tissue may increase the difficulty of surgery when patients need the second operation. Although it can be absorbed by body, biology claps is so expensive that it is difficult to popularize. Furthermore, titanium clips may interference with imaging diagnosis such as type-B ultrasonic checks, CT, MRI, and more. Whether common surgical sutures used in open surgery can be applied under endoscopic surgery instead of titanium clips and biological clips? To which many clinicians pay close attention.
Disposable endo gia Ligating Loop provided by Fengh solves this problem on time. It can meet the requirement that surgeon may fast ligate cystic duct and artery as in open surgery, and can relieve patients’ pain. Also, it is safe, reliable, economical and practical. In addition to laparoscopic cholecystectomy, Disposable Endoscopic Ligating Loop can be used in laparoscopic surgery in gynecology and other laparoscopic surgery or thoracoscopic surgery. In these surgeries, Ligation Loop is applied for ligation of vessel or tubular tissues, and also widely applied to adherence and tie soft tissues. In one word, ligation loop is mainly applied to ligate the ligament and joint of tissue and blood vessels, close the openings of sac-like structure such as gall bladder and ovarium.

Main characteristics and advantages
 Two suture size 0 or 2-0 (3.5 0r 3 metric), adopted to different tissues.
 A delivery system may be used (5mm O.D *15.24cm long) for the introduction of the loop and carrier into any
    appropriately sized trocar sleeve or larger sized trocar sleeve with the use of a converter.