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Curved Cutter Stapler and Reloads
The disposable curved cutter stapler can be used for lower pelvic access with enhanced visibility and allows placement of a 40mm cut line in the width of a 30mm space. It delivers four staggered rows of titanium staples, with a knife between the second and third row. Applications to Colorectal, Gastrointestinal and Orthopedic for Skeletal muscle stapling.

Feature and Benefit
 Unique curved head, which designed for lower pelvic access and enhanced visibility.
 Placement of 40mm cut line in width of 30mm space.
 Simultaneous stapling and cutting, fewer procedure steps.
 Manual retaining pin placement option-capture of intended tissue before close device.
 Reloadable up to six firing in a procedure.
 Longer shaft length than other linear staplers, designed for lower pelvic access without handle obstruction.
 Ergonomic design for one-handed placement, closure and firing.