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Circular Stapler
Disposable circular stapler provide the necessary compression to crate the anastomosis, During firing, the controlled tissue compression and adjustable-height staples allow for uniform staple formation at the specific staple height. Afterwards, the formed staples continue to deliver the proper compression to provide a leak- free anastomosis and good hemostasis to facilitate healing.

Feature and Benefit
 The anvil designed by integration, avoid declining and shifting according assembling artificially.
 The cutting washer made by special material, so the doctor can get better audible and tactile feedback while firing.
 The shove part of staple pushing made by special material to make sure it is untouched after several times test
    before come out the mill, so avoid bad clinical effect, such as declining, stuck in cartridge etc. when sutures.
 Excellent design of inside frame and exactly control of size to make sure the conventional state of climb-down in
    generic products will not happen. So avoid the staple molding higher than tissue, then decrease the bleeding
 Ergonomic handle design, radian is fit and surface treated by special technology so made the appearance is
    fashionable. and the biggest advantage design is avoid reflecting in process of operation.
 Cost effective, may reduce inventory carrying costs with 50%fewer stock keeping units than the other competitors.