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Hemorrhoidal stapler
Fengh "S" serial PPH (Disposable Hemorrhoidal stapler) products introduced by Fengh combine the newest international design ideas and the most general clinical practice, and make brave innovation which includes:

Main feature and Benefit:
 Independent anvil to avoid the visual disturbance induced by the fixed ligation of instrumental body and anvil in
    classical stapler;
 Transparent anoscope stapler accessory with ruler to display distance accurately, avoiding anastomotic stenosis
    induced by high anastomotic site or avoiding anus cushion injury induced by low anastomotic site, which decreases
    the postoperative pain and the occurrence of defecation difficulty in patients;
 PPH is traditionally considered not to be used in isolated prolapsed internal hemorrhoids because of special stapler
    requirement and expensiveness. However, PPH has obvious advantages for some better-off patients. For easy use
    for doctor, the innovative transparent anus stapler may remove prolapse mucosa tissue on a small scale, thus
    protect the surrounding normal tissue, which make high standard of target therapy possible.