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Endoscopic Specimen Retrieving bag
Laparoscopic surgery carries on many advantages, for example, turnover is rapid, patients recover fast, injury is minimal, and more. It is widely applied in clinic. Specimen Retrieving Bag is also consequently applied in general surgery, endoscopic surgery in urology, obstetrics and gynecology, and more (such as cholecystectomy, solid tumor removal, nephrectomy under laparoscope). Surgical excision may be placed in specimen retrieva l bag and be completely taken out all at once. This way prevents from taking out specimen fractionally which influences the integrity of specimens, thus influences the detection for slices. Furthermore, it may decrease the residual of tissue fragment or tissue fluid so as to prevent from implantation metastases.
Disposable Endoscopic Specimen Retrieving Bag introduced by Fengh is well-made, easy to use. All you need to do is gently push its handle. Specimen Retrieving Bag may unfold automatically. The operation mode of Specimen Retrieving Bag is as follows: after its handle is pushed, two arc-shaped flexible metal support arm hangs out and open Specimen Retrieving Bag which may contain surgical excisions removed by surgeons. Specimen Retrieving Bag and metal support arm are concealed in long metal tube so as to pass minimally invasive trocar with 10mm of diameter.

Main characteristics and advantages
 Detailed identifications on handle and internal bar to facilitate recognization of surgeon.
 Both specimen retrieving bag membrane and Ni-Ti shape memory alloy support are medical implants
 Specimen retrieving bag is made from coriaceous and tearproof materials, and may prevent tumor cells with
    more than 5um of diameter from passing. The flexible metal support arm may form double lateral arc-shape and
    keep open without the assistance of extra instruments.
 Specimen Retrieving Bag membrane is soft and transparent, and has good visibility of surgery.
 Specimen retrieving bag is sterilized by radiation and disposable.