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Endo Cutter Stapler(non-articulating)

Feature and Benefit
 Organizational positioning needle, to screen to suture group within the chela, prevention and  cure organization spillover. This means that the organization effectively closed suture.
 Parallel closed, the nail seat closure with nail storehouse is equidistant parallel, organize uniform stress. This means that the nail seam forming, to stop the bleeding, suture.
 Strengthen the arrival of the nail seat (hammer anvil), more strong, guarantee the parallel closed.
 Tissue thickness is adjustable, nail seam for titanium alloy, inflammatory reaction is small, no interference imaging. Because of seam nail highly variable, can be adjusted according to different tissue thickness seam nailed shut height. This means that doctors can flexibly according to organize its thickness is different, adjust tightness suture, achieve satisfactory clinical effect.
 Two step type closed, firing the grip the operation is simple, fast and flexible.
 One-handed operation design, the doctor can use one hand to shut down, firing and loosen the continuous motion. This means that doctors can use one hand to assist fixed organization, make the operation more simple.
 Locking devices, middle organization entirely under chela, instrument half closed, doctors can adjust organization, more precise established organization plans to shut down position.