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Linear cutter stapler & Reloads
Fengh disposable linear cutter stapler delivers superior hemostasis, it is a sterile, single-patient-use instrument that simultaneously staples and divides tissue. It may be used for transaction, resection, and the creation of anastomoses.
The “S” series adopt exclusive innovation, has exclusive intellectual property right and whale-shaped human body engineering design, is especially appropriately applied for small incision surgery. Also, six rows of staples in reloads make suture fine and close, which considerably decreases the incidence of anastomosis site bleeding. The recessed stapler with staple push, the exclusive technique of “water-drop”, makes the operation more smoothly and easily, and makes sure more standard staple form after firing.

Feature and Benefit:
 The cutter is made by imported stainless steel 440 , we have made special hardness process and blade treatment
   to made the cutter very sharp, and we achieved the aim of use more than 10 times but the blade is not dull.bao
 The anvil made by particular imported stainless steel and first class stamping technology, so it is slick and exactly as
   imported brand. We can push the firing knob fluent, so no matter the doctor or nurse both can finish easily.
 Right stainless steel and post process technology to guarantee the lock device in the middle can startup effectively
   so help doctor to adjust the position of tissue anytime before firing during operation.
 The packing tray made by international environmental protection material PETG and medical perfect seal Do Punt
   Tyvek 1073B, make sure the package integrated and sterilized, the effect is according with international standard.
 We use irradiation sterilized, and the supplier is the member of authorized by FDA and CE organization to guarantee
   the sterilization keep consistent.
 Cam mechanism could provides consistent staple formation, then helpful to the Hemostatic and leakproof staple line
   and anastomosis.
 Intermediate position allows maneuvering of tissue, then generates minimal tissue trauma
 Tissue Retaining Button is used of Hemostatic and leakproof.