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Hand-assisted Laparoscopy Retractor & Accessory
Fengh hand-assisted Retractor is integrated hand-assisted instrument which is installed handily and has good sealing property. Compared to laparoscopic surgery, hand assisted laparoscopic surgery compensate for weak sense of touch, is easy to operate and control bleeding, and make dissection, rebuilding and taking specimens more easily.
Retractor is the device that binds with abdominal wall through its cement margin, and it accessory is the device similar with hand-assisted oversleeve which is connected after placing base clasp into abdominal cavity.
The involvement of surgeon¡¯s hand make surgical view more clear, detection more comprehensive, which facilitates the intraoperative location of tumor, make anatomical divisions and specimen remove more convenient, recognize and expose main vessels clearly, as a result, decrease the complication and increase the safety of surgery, especially for splenectomy.
The excellent design of Fengh ¡°Blue Assistant¡± serial hand-assisted retractor system combines availability and generality. The retractor and its accessory form an complete hand-assisted laparoscopic instrument system which may take out specimen, insert instruments and maintaining palpation conveniently and comfortably. Also, Fengh ¡°Blue Assistant¡± enables patients to benefit from minimally-invasive surgery, and may be applied with laparoscope, open surgical instruments and stapler.

Furthermore, there are the following characteristics and advantages:
    Three optional sizes give patients more choices;
    Convenient and easy installation and disassembly makes operators save time and more efficient;
    Application in both minimally-invasive and open surgery provide more procedure choices and resources;
    More anti-dilaceration strength increases durability, thus makes customers save time and cost, compared to
      general retractor;
    Can be used as main channel (to accommodate 3, 5, 10, 12 or 15mm trocar);
    ¡°Iris¡± curtain valve on the accessory is appropriate for different size of hand and provides easy access for hand.