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Disposable endoscopic linear cutter stapler&reloads(articulating)

Adopting advantages of the advanced product with the highest market share, Endoscopic Liner Cutter Stapler launched by Fengh own a number of independent intellectual properties, which may freely adjust to random clamping and dragging preferred by endoscopic and laparoscopic surgeons. 

  • Besides, there are the following advantages:          
    Enhanced system-wide compression aids in proper staple formation,which is necessary to achieve a leak resistant and hemostatic staple line
    Compression before firing gently exudes fluid from targeted tissue before  firing Alignment during firing ensures a uniform distance between the anvil and cartridge surfaces during firing
    Stay focused on the surgical field without interruption          
    Natural, one-handed operation allows the surgeon to focus on the line of  transection and place the anvil exactly where needed;
    Facilitates tissue positioning/manipulation with its wide proximal to distal   jaw aperture

    Stay focused on the surgical field without interruption

    Allows the surgeon to rotate, articulate and fire with one hand

    Shorter grip span than previous Fengh Endocutters for greater comfort and ease of use

  • Fengh Flex Endocutter requires a lower force to fire than other Endocutters

  • All cartridges fit through a 12mm trocar