Procedure for Prolapse Haemorrhoids
Doctor Blanchard believes that haemorrhoids is the price that Human pay for model civilization, and result from bipedalism in evolutionary term.  Since 18th century, Medicine began to believed that haemorrhoids was lesion of blood vessels themselves, and was a soft venous mass which resulted from congestion, angiectasis and kinking of rectum swollen varicose vein under rectum mucosa and anal skin, consequently, caused to bleeding, thrombosis or mass swell.
PPH reposition anus cushion through removing mucosa or submucosal tissues above haemorrhoids and stapling incision synchronously. Also, PPH makes haemorrhoids atrophy gradually through blocking most blood supply, which relieves symptom without breaking anatomy of rectum and anus channel. Therefore, PPH is more appropriate for model therapy ideas than classical surgery for haemorrhoids.
In theoretically, PPH may relieve postoperative pain because PPH only remove mucosa and submucosal tissues in lower rectum without incision in anus channel and crissum with rich sensory nerves. Also, the risk of sphincter injury is low because anastomotic stoma is above anus-rectal ring.
The predominant advantages of PPH for patients are as follows: alleviative postoperative pain, shortened in-hospital time, no or little influence for anus function, not easy to induce archostenosis, fast recovery to normal life, low long-term occurrence.