Fengh medical, Strategic pilot

"Dear passengers, welcome aboard Fengh medical strategic navigation annual conference flight. According to the convention, the meeting place is changed every year, and the content of the meeting is updated. This time, we entered the beautiful water town of Wuzhen, read the strategy, learn the skills, praise the excellent, enjoy Fengh medical big party.

 First station: Training

Fengh medical is a learning organization, and the various internal training have been quite abundant. We specially hired the experienced teacher to train us communication skills, business etiquette and other aspects in the annual party. We are both colleagues and classmates who grow up together to show the Fengh medical spirit.

Second station:Conclusion

Strategy represents direction, no direction, where will the enterprise go?

Strategic planning the future, no future, why do enterprises exist?

The opening speech by the President of the company, Mr. Sun baofeng begun the annual meeting of the strategic leaders. The heads of every departments then elaborated the year-end summary and future planning and deployment of their respective business.

Knowing it, knowing what it is, it will be a refreshing and rewarding experience for all of us.

 Third station: prize presentation

The usual busy Fengh people gathered together to talk about the rapid growth of the company's business in 2017. For excellent employees, Fengh medical prized"the best team award", "the best sales", "outstanding employees of the year" and so on , totally six awards. It highly affirmed their contribution to the company. The top sales received the awards of mercedes-benz cars again.

 Forth station: banquet

The banquet begun by the dynamic dance of the administration department, all kinds of wonderful performances pleased all of us. The quality department's dance "Good starting" set the tone of the banquet. The intellectual property department showed the "time show" in a unique way, and the appearance of the four talents aroused the small climax of the scene. As the manufacturer of medical equipment, the annual meeting will certainly be changeable. So that the sales department  recreated the hospital scene, which showed the joy of the work is displayed with the hard work. In addition, poetry recitation, Indian dance, duet chorus and tenor solo, it was really wonderful.

 Fifth station: tourism

The final agenda of the annual meeting is tourism. The beauty of wuzhen cannot be missed. Not only that, the annual excellent staff and the leaders have the welfare of 10 days of European tour. Fengh peoples’ footstep stamped to France, Switzerland, Italy and other countries, wonderful moments are still continue.

Sixth station: start off

The wonderful annual meeting saved energy and ignited the fight for us. Where will the next annual meeting be held and what content will be more desirable ? Everyone is rubbing their hands, vowing to contribute to the company's development in the next New Year.

2018, the future period, already started off!