Less And Notes

At the summit meeting about medical innovation in 2009, doctors and scientists published the top ten innovative medical instruments and therapeutic techniques of the year. ¡°Less¡± and ¡°NOTES¡±, the applied technology which is in the van of minimally invasive field, gained consistent recognition of specialist panel, was finally chosen into top ten list, which marks the solid step that minimally invasive technique has begun in comprehensive popularization and service for human health.
The so-called ¡°LESS¡± is short for Laparo endoscopic Single Site Surgery, also known as single-port minimally invasive surgery with laparo endoscope. ¡°NOTES¡± is short for Natural Orifice Transluminal Endoscopic Surgery, also known as minimally invasive surgery that is to access the peritoneal and other body cavities through the wall of alimentary tract via natural orifices without the need to make incisions in the abdominal wall. These two techniques both results from the development and extension of minimally invasive technique.
Compared to ¡°NOTES¡±, ¡°LESS¡± does not depend on the natural orifices of body, but make single port in the corresponding site of lesion in patient body, which sound horrible. Actually, the port is just a hole with diameter between 2 and 3 cm, and its hurt to body is nothing compared with ¡°incision¡±.
¡°LESS¡± is accomplished by placing laparoscope and the corresponding instruments into abdominal cavity through a single 2-3 cm incision in the navel. The advantages of single port access surgery through navel are more artistic postoperative appearance and less operative injury to patients. Nave is an natural wrinkle part, in which traces of surgery is almost invisible post operation. Also, navel tissue is thin comparatively, the injury of surgical instrument through nave to abdominal wall is lesser. It is estimated that 50-80% laparoscopic surgery may be operated through navel in next five years because of more artistic and more minimally-invasive effects of ¡°LESS¡±.