Talk about “New execution strategy

On September 1st, 2017, the staff from Fengh participated in the “new executive strategy” training, which was conducted by director Nie. This implementation theme applies to employees from different positions. The entire conference hall in the training is active and the cases are abundant. Director Nie’s analysis is generally in simple.

After the training, the engineering colleague wrote down his own ideas about his job responsibilities. The four key to the execution from engineer Hu is to dissect the daily work, turn the goal into the result and execute it in place. What influenced engineer Wang most was the impact of poor organization. The training content should be applied to solve the difficulties encountered by the implementation and improve the work efficiency.

Engineer Ma, as a PE engineer, make tasks arrangement and check the implementation process to avoid the situation loose or tight before the task completes. Engineer Chen has his own experience in handling the engineer change, release the risk of change, to ensure the smooth production of the change products. As far as I am concerned, daily registration record is effective in preventing memory deviation and ensuring responsibility is passed on to everyone. Manager Jiang, from the perspective of managers, uses the long plate effect in the barrel theory to make full use of the team's best advantage and strengthen the advantage projects.

The training of “the new executive strategy “helps us to constantly enrich ourselves, improve our soft power, and finally match ourselves up with "things". Training has also strengthened people's cohesiveness and drive us aggressive for the common Fengh values.