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Daily story: As sales, we are always adhering to confidence, sincerity, persistence to the end of the choice, also these words always encourage to urge us to move forward.

Remember it was a hot summer's night, I and the driver made an appointment in advance with Li Jian who is chief doctor of thoracic surgery from the first hospital, Beijing university at 5 PM. General Chen arrived the hotel and get prepared in advance. As a result, the director's operation has not been finished. Know from the office and the operating room, it would be very late for director Li to finish the operation. The last case was a patient with esophageal cancer and lung cancer.

So while we were waiting outside the operating room and knowing the situation with his assistant and he reported to Chen the progress of the operation room. Director doctor didn't come out from the operating room until 10:30 pm, when he looked up at me and asked, "It was so late, why you're still here? ". We walked while talking, "Hi, doctor, since I made the appointment with you, certainly I could not to break a promise and Chen specially came from Shanghai to visit you, Chen had ordered the food and waiting for you across the street, car is downstairs, are we go there now?"

Director Li said,"I will go to the airport at following 4 am to Xiamen, it’s too late, forget it?” I replied,"Director, it’s really late today and you have arrangement tomorrow morning. Can I ask the driver to pick Chen and pack up the dishes Chen ordered. We can talk while eating. After the meal, we will send you back. Is it ok? Director Li scratched his head and said,"ok, let’s move......”So we appointed the director out successfully with no sales of intense scenes, no wring a shrewd, but I believe myself with my heart sincere to the customer and stick to it, strive forward . Since we stepped out with the director, we must go further!

Cao shasha form fengh medical sales’ department

From 12th to 13th, August, 2017, Vice-president Gong yu, director Chen yuhong and Zhou lin from our department attended the training “Wisdom and business school - new team approach” in chengdu. During the two daylights and one night training among the elite teams, we won the championship

nine faiths of master sales

1 Success is due to attitude

2 I am what I think I am

3I am the root of everything

4It's not just that there's no way to find it

5If the mountain doesn't come, I'll pass

6Make a little progress every day

7God helps those who help themselves

8Determined to succeed