Marry a purchasing woman

Shh! Tell you a secret


Marry a woman from procurement department


You will ask me why?


Let me tell you quietly, as a procurer

ONE:Good at communication and understanding

As a purchaser, it is necessary to communicate and coordinate with all departments within the enterprise and to negotiate with external suppliers. Communication is a basic skill, in order to gain the support of internal forces, appropriate compromise also serves as a purchaser. In order to marry a woman who knows enough to communicate and compromise, isn't it happy?

TWO: cut down the price, understand the bottom line

As a purchasing person, fighting the prize with the supplier again and again to make the best possible and achieve the goal. But understand the survival bottom line of the supplier, achieve win-win. In the family life, such economical application of female, is not happy?

THREE: Carry on the pressure

The market demand and supply situation is so diverse that the purchaser is required to maintain close agreement and cooperation with the supplier. Facing various emergencies (engineering change, order change, cancellation... .. ) the purchaser is always calm and quick to deal with the problem to satisfy the market demand. If in family life, a woman that can calmly deal with a matter, is not happy?

FOUR: Scientific, preciseness and reliable

In order to introduce a cooperative supplier or procurement strategy, as a buyer needs to struggle to analyze strategy and procurement requirements, design screening eva luation and weight criteria. Through scientific and careful eva luation. Marry one who is so careful, isní»t it happy?

FIVE: Positive, full of positive energy

As a buyer, working hard, bringing happiness with you, bringing happiness with you is a way to make the job more efficient. It's an attitude, it's a way of life. Marry a positive woman and believe that you are full of positive energy every day.


So, grasp time to source a wife, otherwise you will still be the single one!