Fengh medical successfully listed on the new three board ---My feeling

June 13th, 2017, is a historic shift for fengh medical. After six years of hibernation and enterprising, on this day, exciting news that jiangsu fengh medical equipment co., LTD., listed on the new three board successfully come from Beijing.  This is a sign that the brand and strength of fengh medical are further recognized by the market, which will have significant advantages for the expansion of the company, the competitiveness of the products and the market share. 

At the evening of June 14th, the company held a grand celebration on the shores of the beautiful lake in Yushanwan valley. The colleagues from the administration worked hard to make the scene of the event more festive and atmospheric. Everywhere brimming with joy, wine, champagne for our joy! Ceremony is our respected manager Summer, joy on the face is beyond words. She impassioned told the story of us along the way was really so difficult, until now we achieved the dream of list on new three board. The fengh guys follow in the footsteps of dreams and never stop.

For me, I am more difficult to hide the emotion of the heart! Following the company for more than four years go through the wind and rain. While the toast was celebrating, I was deeply in deep thought. Thoughts drifted to June 17th, 2013, on that day the company celebrated the grand opening. There was not a lot employees at the time. Under the witness of the city leaders, we took the oath under the sun: "to support the health for the people!" 

I am full of hope for the future and looking forward to the future of the company. Firm swear words sounded in the ears. Over the years, the companyí»s major change example cases emerged in sight. In November 2013, the first generation of disposable endoscopic linear cutter and reloads finished trial assembly and samples put into market. In 2014, the disposable endoscopic linear cutter and reloads was significantly increased. In August, 2015, the second generation of disposable endoscopic linear cutter and reloads finished trial assembly and samples accepted by market. Now our three generations of the second generation of disposable endoscopic linear cutter and reloads have completed the research samples and put into market. And we believe that it will not be long that three generations of disposable endoscopic linear cutter and reloads will be fully introduced to the market and win the share. 

From a product update and evolution can see the development of a company. The growth of the company's development is inseparable from the staff and no doubt Ií»m lucky, the company gave me the opportunity of growth. Ií»m promoted from the initial operator, inspector, inspection team leader to today's QC supervisor. But no matter in which position, only one purpose is that do this job well, constantly learn on the job, constant progress, improve their own quality and ability, lead the staff and don't live up to expectations of their company.

Product quality is the soul of enterprise. In the past time, our work is not satisfactory, it also spur we must grow and progress. We must keep up with the rapid development pace, conform to the demand of the market and trying to find a suitable development path of the quality control of our company.        

At night, we lighted the fireworks ashore the lake. With gorgeous sparks fly into the sky, colorful light lit up the face of joy. My dear friends, letí»s toast to celebrate this memorable day to wish the company's future will be more beautiful. In the future, letí»s see fengh medical.     

quality department- Tao qin