Responsibility of quality is heavier than mountain Tai

The product of Disposable endoscopic linear cutter stapler and reloads  unveiled the next series of benevolence. First of all, fengh medical righteous spirit public welfare activity which greatly mobilized the enthusiasm of employee contributions. Then company continued to promote beneficence behaviors to encourage everyone to dedicate love to cancer patients. The company raised a wave of love power boom! In early June,with the help of donations from sales department colleagues, the donated money had been delivered to the hands of the patient. Although this was only a little to the patient, it is urgently needed for the patient. Patient was deeply moved by this. Under the witness of a doctor, the patients given a banner to our company, the eight characters on the banner saying: "hold world with virtue, big boundless love"! I am proud to be one member of the fengh medical.

As the quality members, we feel the pressure on our shoulders is heavier, the responsibilities and missions are tougher.Our products are not only ordinary instruments, but also they are to heal the wounded and rescue the dying and they are the angels to benefit the patient's health. We deeply realized the quality of each product is closely related with the life and health of patients, it mustní»t have any deviation.

The quality department is divided into four sections, they are incoming quality inspection(IQC), in-process quality inspection(IPQC), biochemical inspection and outgoing quality inspection(OQC). Additionally, testing and measurement equipment and product retention are also completed by us. If you compare the company as a ship, the quality department plays a key role from beginning to end. The position of the bow is equal to IQC, it can see if there is a reef in front and report the situation in time.That avoid the abnormal in advance. The position  in the middle of the boat is equal to IPQC. It is the power output which make the ships can drive fast or slow. It can show the abnormal raw materials in time and also remind the subsequent processing to keep alert. It plays the essential role. The end of the boat is equal to OQC. It steers the boat to avoid the reef or the storm from the feedback of IQC.It makes a judgment in time to guarantee the smooth sailing in sea and arrive at the destination finally.

After all, in a word, the responsibility of quality is heavier than mountain Tai. The quality is the root of one company which related to the company future and patientsí» safe. Every joints among quality control is really very important. Of course, the quality is designed and produced, instead by inspected. Indeed ití»s  not enough only participated by one person or one department, it must be joined by everyone. So we advocate the conception of qualified products, everyone must pay much attention on it, tight the string of quality, treat it as the life of incorporation. We must be careful, keep improving and adhering to the highest quality standards to ensure excellent product quality to benefit the patients which let them feel free to use our products. More and more patients will restore health by fengh medical products! At that time, fengh medical will be the best ones in medical field.