Fengh medical is running on the Public welfare road firmly!

On May 5th, 2017, fengh held the Righteous spirit public welfare activity in yushan valley lake in jiangyin city . The staff from fengh signed up to participate, each department team sent the good soldier to fight for the champion.

Under the voice of the executive director from executive department, 66 competitors were racing to start from the starting point, starting with a planned line of 5km. For fengh young man, just 5 km is a piece of cake. More than half an hour, competitors were constantly reached to the finish line, all competitors reached the destination in less than one hour.

On the ceremony after the race, the executive vice President from fengh initiated winners can voluntarily take out competition prize to donate the cancer who lost his accompany from thousands of miles away. In fact, as early as April 26th, the fengh sales department helped him on behalf of the company donated disposable endoscopy linear cutter staplers and reloads . It really solved the patient and his family.

We saw patient in the pictures were full of gratitude, philanthropic and poverty alleviation is the most noble morality of human and the most beautiful and good emotions. we must start to help from the visible to see and what we can to open the line of fengh benevolent public welfare.

The words sound just fell, the winners were without hesitation donated the prize to the patient. Their acts of kindness won staff praise eyes and a big round of applause. The power of example is endless. The rest of the present employees have also said even they didn't get competition bonuses, they will dedicate a love. The administration department immediately announced the donation methods after the event and promised to transfer the money to the patient through salesí» director as soon as possible.

The beginning of the public welfare is the beginning of the values of sublimation. It is the beginning of the race to full and valuable. It is the beginning of a win-win business and society and the surrounding people fusion. This is the fengh President highest praise to the personsí» progress and growth from fengh medical !

Fengh medical is running on the Public welfare road firmly!