Enter into the enterprise, close to the people       enthusiastic service

At April 12nd, 2017, , director of Mei and Li from Jiangyin hi-tech Zone Biomedical Industry Park and director Shen from High-tech Zone office visited our company together. 

Firstly, in our products exhibition hall, Mr. Zhang introduced several company¡¯s selling products, vivid displayed the using method, application scope and described the current status of the industry, the product sales situation. Among them, the disposable endoscopic  linear cut stapler product is leading in domestic market, and it¡¯s also the only R &D completed and entered the market. Mr. Shen and his party expressed heartfelt admiration and encouraged me to insist on innovation, create more brilliant. 

The main purpose of Mr. Shen¡¯s trip is to listen to enterprise¡¯s advice and requirements, finish the government work excellence, drive the work to implement, all of them are in order to achieve the real service for the people. As a key high-tech enterprise, we effectively proposed several issues need to be coordinated. One of the issues is related to the application of intellectual property rights, our company sincerely hope that the High-tech Zone can organize a special forum joined by the relevant departments to give some valuable suggestions.

As a high-tech company, intellectual property rights are the power source of our scientific and technological innovation. How to effectively transform the intellectual property rights, the government needs guide in time. Mr. Shen and his party listened carefully, identified this proposal is particularly important and promised to implement it as soon as possible. 

Days in April are really hot. Government leaders¡¯ spirit to service enterprises with enthusiasm always urge us to do a good job in the enterprise, in order to repay the government, to give back to the society.