celebrate the Spring Festival in dance and song

¡ª¡ª¡ª¡ªFengh medical annual appreciation dinner of 2016

On January 13rd, 2017, our company hosted the annual appreciation dinner in Liuyu valley hotel, yushan valley, jiangyin city. At the beginning of the dinner, Present Sun convey every frontline staff with heartfelt thanks, willing to work and struggle together  with everyone for the future and be proud to fight together with all of you. Sun¡¯s opening speech inspired every employee a lot and indicated effectively the struggle direction.

The following prize presentation is more exciting. this year the most values winners of "I have some words to say" awarded water purifiers as bonus. Excellent staff also won the welfare of Japan traveling. There will always benefit when we paid. We believe, there will be more and more outstanding person appeared in the future who will become fengh medical strong backing.

The outside is more quiet late at night, the moon is bright and wind is slight, we enjoyed the food and drinks. Theatrical performances started with ¡°dancing tonigh¡± which raised a hot wave. A song from Haifeng Ding "early" is amazing which caused the audience chanted "one more song"! SanJuBan show refreshed everyone, whimsy movement amused the audience laughing.

Banana outside the curtain caused the intense fall, knocker rust with verdigris ¡° from the song of ¡°Blue and white porcelain¡± outlined the misty rain of literati's Jiangnan town, the fengh medical girls danced out their simplicity and elegant beauty. Within the whole dinner, filled with surprise everywhere and continuously laugh. we thank fengh medical provide us the opportunity to perform ourselves.  Also thank we can work in fengh medical.