Appointment in Guangling

In middle of January, 2017, the fengh office staff meet in yangzhou renowned hotel - yangzhouyin hotel near the beautiful west lake and held a grand meeting in this two days activity which included training, dinner, year-end summary meeting etc.Yangzhou city doesní»t have skyscrapers landscape, but ití»s a humanities ceremony, culture ancient and beautiful city that encased in delicate. We stayed in yangzhouyin hotel is located in the picturesque west lake, the hotel under the mountain,thick trees and green grass. It received dozens of Chinese premiers, such as Hu jintao, Jiang zemin, Zhu rongji, Wen jiabao and so on.

Early afternoon on the first day we arrived yangzhou, employees have enough leisure time to get a good view of the yangzhou street, taste the yangzhou cuisine. We left a good memory from yangzhou well-preserved MingQingShi dongguan street and winter beautiful west lake. The next day, we spent the time in training and listened to the tension in the end-year report, we entered the banquet hall with bright moonlight . Bold innovation and change the traditional model of traditional dinner party.The dinner started with the form of "Fengh good voice, let everybody to show their talent,there were sing, dance, comedy and modern show...

Dinner started with jiangnan cheongsam show, the Fengh 11 beautiful women joggled their round fans, stepped on the rhythm of "march of fireworks in yangzhou" elegant melody, leisurely entered the stage, showed a graceful body appearance. "the most is the head gently, like a water lotus caní»t stop the cool wind of attraction" made us aftertaste for a long time can't move away!

The two beautiful hosts bring us back to the party scene, and invent out four heavyweights judges sang in turn.The Fengh good voice singers have a good foundation of basic skills, support teamsí» shows were more colorful, won the thunder applause.The company prepared generous gifts for the three winners of Fengh good song, also specially prepared consolation prize for all the contestants. Every employee shows a happy smile on his face.The dinner finished with the song of "I believe" .

Fengh is like a big family, everyone is a member of the family and work toward the common goals. The company set the stage for everyone is infinite, how much large of the heart, how much big of the Fengh stage ! Wish we can make persistent efforts in the later work and life , adhering to the company culture"Honesty and responsibility, integrity and internal competition, efficiency and positive attitude, excellent result oriented ".One step at one time to catch the pace of Fengh development speed,  move forward towards the Fengh development goals.