Excellent Fengh staff gather in Guangling

Fengh continued with the past and got an abundant harvest in 2016. Our team is gradually growing, the company's performance is rapid increasing. With the common efforts of all staff, the company struggled and self-motivated, have made extraordinary achievements. With the expectations of everyone, President Sun and vice president Gong  uncovered the mysterious veil of the awards for sales champion.That moment when the value of 300,000 Mercedes SUV presented in front of us ,it must have impressed everyone a lot. The 2016 annual personal sales amount of Director Zhoulingbreak broke through 10 million, was a worthy team sales champion These successes must be rewarded. This award was affirmed for her work ability, meanwhile it is also an encouragement to all Fengh employees. Market is competing, the enterprises is growing up, we have no reason not to struggle. Wish all the Fengh staff can be grateful, don't forget the original intention, beyond ourselves, scaling new heights!