The Summary Of Mid-Autumn Festival Activities

The Mid-Autumn festival is one of the traditional cuture of China, in order to let the staff have a profound festival, the company leaders paid much attention to it, carried on the detailed planning of the activity form, content in advance. Administration led and successfully organized the Mid-Autumn festival activities.

At September 14th, 2016, the autumn rain, the sky bleak, a group of enthusiasm girls from the administrative department  melt the haze weather, influenced the atmosphere of whole company. Ode to joy looping in the lobby, festive atmosphere is very rich. Red lanterns are hung high on the doorway shows particularly happy. Reception hall is sprinkling which is so particularly beautiful. Dessert snack unlimited supplied, that is so particularly close. These preparations are the result of all the cooperation, the most direct performance of department cohesion.

At three o 'clock in this afternoon, the Mid-Autumn festival activities kick off on time. We prepared wish wall on this activity, through the good sign of í░elixir of love reunioní▒, the stuff wrote down all of their good wishes. General manager Sun and manager Xia took the lead, wrote down the ardent hope and heartfelt wishes. Each department personnel anticipated in the sequence and left their wishes on the wish wall. Deeply wishes, thick festal atmosphere, shows the enterprise full of positive energy.

All stuff participated this Mid-Autumn festival activity  make our feel the company's care and energy by heart, we will be giving back to the company by our practical action and make greater contribution for Fengh Medical.