Fengh Medical at 72th China International Medical Equipment
Fengh Medical attend 72th CMEF fall(Chongqing) from Oct.23th to 26th.2014.
Compared with CMEF spring (Shenzhen), we enlarged booth area for 2 times, and
the design style tends to be more smooth, rounded and Artistic.
With the rapid development of Fengh Medical, we have finished a basic completion of dealer recruitment. Since this CMEF fall (Chongqing), More and more we do in CMEF is a brand image show and communication with customers new and old. Meanwhile, the subject will gradually become the launch of a new product.

In the exhibition, Fengh Medical displayed a transparent articulating Disposable Endoscopic Linear Cutter stapler & Reload, through a complex structure and exquisite details to let customers know, how Fengh Medical restore and surpass various highest technical index in the industrial thoroughly and unswervingly. Exquisite can accurate, precise began carefully. In addition, The new product which can insert several trocars and even doctor¡¯s arms debut, it attracts many customer¡¯s curiosity and attention. The pictures on the second floor, shows our next development plan, Demystify some more, full, and eye-catching key products. A specialist said :¡°I saw the king supplier of the minimally invasive consumptive materials, I have the pleasure of seeing her birth, witness her growth, witnessed her grand and magnificent, I am very pleased¡±.