Government leaders came Fengh Medical to inspect work presentations
Wuxi Food and Drug Administration Director-general Ding, Director Xu, Director Liu, and Jiangyin Food and Drug Administration Director general Xue , Director general E and their entourages came Fengh Medical to inspect work according to an appointment in In June 11, 2014 13:30 pm. Leaders respectively listened to company person liable Mr Zhang¡¯s report of ¡°Five rectification¡±campaign, knowing company staffs, sales progress registered products production, capital investment, future planning of the situation and so. Under Zhang's guidance, leaders inspected Fengh¡¯s workshop and experiment center.

During inspection, Director-general Ding affirms Fengh¡¯s sturdy, effective field administrative services. She emphasizes that Fengh Medical¡¯s registered products are high-risk products, company must continue to maintain a solid, standardized management approach. In the development process, company should strictly implement the requirements of national laws and regulations. At the same time, company shall continue to refine and improve the details of the company   management activities, clearly position itself, clear working mechanism, to promote medical devices especially minimally invasive devices, catch up with international brands, provide benefit to the people, and make greater contributions to building a harmonious society (Fengh Medical Administration Department).