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Modern thoracoscopic and laparoscopic surgery technique have pervaded every area of clinical surgery with 20 years of development. Years of clinical practice has proved that the differences of the effect and the complication incidence between thoracoscopic & laparoscopic surgery and open surgery mainly results from grasp of technique. These new technique usually need lots of new innovative devices like endo staplers,

endo GIA

, trocar laparoscopic, laparoscopic

specimen bag

etc. Not from thoracoscopic and laparoscopic surgery technique themselves. Therefore, some thoracoscopic and laparoscopic surgery have become the preferred or "gold standard" surgical procedure.

At the summit meeting about medical innovation in 2009, doctors and scientists published the top ten innovative medical instruments and therapeutic techniques of the year. "Less" and "NOTES", the applied technology which is in the van of minimally invasive field, gained consistent recognition of specialist panel, was finally chosen into top ten list, which marks the solid step that minimally invasive technique has begun in comprehensive popularization and service for human health. The so-called "LESS" is short for Laparo endoscopic Single Site Surgery, also known as single port laparoscopic or single site laparoscopic.

Hand assisted laparoscopic surgery (HALS) is a serial emergent minimally-invasive surgery, which combines the advantages of the minimal invasion of laparoscopic surgery and intuitiveness of open surgery. Hand-assisted laparoscope (HAL) is hand-assisted device which is inserted into abdominal cavity during surgery (Johnson brand name: Blue Butterfly), also known as Hand-assisted Minimally-invasive Retractor, which allows surgeons direct hand contact with the operative field and keeps pneumoperitoneum room of laparoscopic surgery at the same time. HAL leads surgeons back to their familiar 3D space by maintaining the tactile sense.

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skin stapler


singe site laparoscopic


hand assisted laparoscopic

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