Benefit of Mechanic sutures
Stapling devices has wide application prospect. The application of classical stomach and intestine stapler marked the progress and development in gastrointestinal surgery. With the gradual improvement of design and process of stapler, it is widely used in surgery gradually, and play more and more important role, especially in digest tract reconstruction. Improved stapler makes many surgery with complex operation easy and simple, especially the stapling for site in which manual stapling is difficult to do, such as anastomosis of arch, subphrenic, or pelvic anastomosis, etc.
Surgical time is shortened to average time of 50 minutes than before, which reduces the injury induced long anesthetic and surgical time, reduces the influence to the viscera such as heart, liver and kidney, reduces the workload of surgeon, also increases the safety of surgery.
The improved stapler has high quality of anastomosis, the inwall of anastomosis site is smooth and neat, two rows of staples is very firmly. ¡°B¡± type staples guarantee the blood supply of anastomosis, and complications such as anastomotic leakage is far lower than classical double-layer anastomosis. It is not only appropriately applied in open surgery, but also in laparoscopic surgery. Fox example, side to side stapler is usually used in endoscope-assisted surgery.